Jesus' Resurrection


APRIL 1, 2018
I was visited by Jesus this morning. His visitations are frequent, as He comes to me often with messages and guidance that he asks me to implement in my work. I am always in such awe of the magnitude of Love and Power that I feel radiate from Him, when I am in His presence… His Grace.

Jesus asked that I share this message. He expressed to me that he wishes to re-awaken and help the people remember that His Resurrection Was a Miracle. It was a gift to us, intended to prove and validate that he IS the chosen Son of God that was sent to us, to save us…. so that we could be in an honorable state with our ethics - Which is the only way we will be allowed to re-enter the Gates of Heaven, upon our deaths.

“Dear children of God, I come to remind you of your True Path; which is to complete your life’s work on earth...intended to strengthen and ascend your Soul - so that you can return once again to the Bliss and Harmony and Love that awaits for you behind Heaven’s Doorway. With this journey, however there are many temptations that you face: How you meet your temptations will determine your fate. I was sent to you by our God, our Loving and Devoted God; to teach you how the power of your choices will have a direct impact on your fate. I taught how choices made from love, honesty and goodness will allow you an easier entrance back Home to Heaven; And how choices made from ego, vanity, greed, and narcissism - will result in a much longer walk to Heaven, with more obstacles you would have to endure before the Gates of Heaven would fully open up to you. I came with Love to teach you. I gave you My Love. I Hope you remember that the path of kindness, goodness, charity, love - is the Only path that will guarantee you an easy entrance back through Heaven’s Gates, once your Soul leaves your body here. I will continue to pray over each and every single one of you. I will pray for your heart to fill with Love and kindness; so that your destiny will bring you back here to be with us - in Heaven.”

~ Channeled to Maureen by Jesus Christ Our Messiah

Maureen Allan

Spiritual Teacher & Master Channeler