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Maureen Allan
Master Channeler ~ Spiritual Teacher ~ Medium

An Evening of Spirit Communication  ~ Feb.
Feb 16, 6:00 PM

Oracle Maureen

Master Channeler Maureen

Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin

Principle Oracle for Jesus

Primary Oracle for Mother Mary

Primary Oracle for Buddha

Direct Oracle for God

There is a tremendous amount of help and healing that a session with a spiritual messenger can provide. Maureen’s spiritual gifts and strong connectivity to Heaven allow her to receive helpful and healing messages from the Spirit Guides, Angels and Souls in Heaven.  Maureen’s exceptional abilities to see and hear the deities, Angels and Souls in Heaven can help you in many invaluable ways; from giving you much needed advice that can help you make better choices in your life, to delivering messages of love and hope from your family and friends in the Afterlife.  


Additionally, Maureen is also able to help you heal from pain and raise your vibration with Hands on Healing sessions. Her spiritual gifts also allow her to rid your home of negative entities; helping you take your home back, so you can live in peace again. Working like an investigator, Maureen’s advanced psychic abilities can also help solve crimes; and bring justice and healing to those that have been harmed.


Maureen is currently available for Private Sessions through Facetime, Skype, Zoom and Phone. As soon as she is able to see clients in person again after the pandemic, we will announce when and where she will be set up for in person sessions.


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Ascended Masters


Kuan Yin

Goddess of Mercy & Compassion

Principle Spirit Guide for Maureen


Jesus Christ

Lord Our Savior

Principle Spirit Guide for Maureen



Blessed Mother Mary

Primary Spirit Guide for Maureen

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The Buddha

Enlightened One 

Regular Spirit Guide for Maureen

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Upcoming Events

Conscious Life Expo Free Workshop
Feb 04, 4:00 PM PST
Los Angeles

Your sessions and attendance in Oracle Maureen’s classes, group readings, and guided meditations are
making a difference in the world. All of Maureen’s profits are donated to charity to bring relief to those suffering.

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Charitable Causes  

Your private sessions and attendance in Oracle Maureen’s classes, group readings, and guided meditations are making a difference in the world. All of Maureen’s profits are donated to charity to bring relief to those suffering in the world. 


Oracle Maureen is given visions by her Spirit Guides, Angels, and God, who show her where true pain and injustices are happening in the world. They ask her to support certain causes and bring awareness to them so that you also have insight on how to make the world a better place.  



Help Ethiopians in Crisis, Goal: $2000


The war in Ethiopia has been extraordinarily cruel and harmful to the villagers there. They have suffered from many inhumane acts, massacres and brutality - all because they have been driven away from their homes and land. Two million Ethiopians have been forced, by tortuous means, to flee their town and save their lives by escaping to nearby countries. Many have ended up in Sudan. The ones who are still there, also need help. They all need food, water, medical care and supplies. Please help them.  With your participation at my events, &/or your donations below, together we can make a difference and help ease their pain. Together you and I are helping :).

Profits Go To Help Ethiopia Crisis     

Profits from this event will be gifted to Angels Among Us Foundation, and donated to to help the starving and displaced Ethiopians that have been forced out of their village due to a war. Please help those suffering in extreme hardships in Ethiopia.

To learn more about their suffering, please read more on my blog.

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