A Plea From Heaven

to Help Human Suffering

For some of us, there is so much joy on earth. But, for others, there is so much pain. I have been asked to bring awareness to where there is true suffering happening and help open your eyes to how many people live in pain and need your help. Heaven is in Great despair over how many people are living in dire and painful conditions. They have given me visions of where and how people live in misery and have asked me to reveal it to you - so that you intervene and alleviate someone’s pain.

I am giving you the visions that God, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary and Buddha, and others, have asked me to reveal you - so that you can become aware of those who need help. I am sharing these so you may intervene and provide relief to someone's suffering, and even bring them joy.

The Ascended Masters and God are making a Heartfelt Plea to You. They are asking you to please share what you have with under-privileged third world countries, where hardships exist in ways that most of us here in the U.S. cannot truly relate too. We have so much. They Do Not. Please share what you have and help them, even a modest donation can make a big difference for their challenging circumstances.

They are More Impoverished and Hungry in Africa     

and Other Third World Countries, Then You May Realize...

When Ascended Master Kuan Yin first came to me with a plea to start a charity to help the suffering in the world, She put me through the pain of watching many vision-movies showing me how many are suffering in truly miserable conditions.  Africa was one of the top priorities that she showed me. She explained to me, with great sadness and pain, Her sorrow, and Heaven’s, regarding the level of suffering that they endure. She then asked me to do several things. First, to start a charity to help the suffering in the world. Second, to put a focus on third world countries, where the quality of life is at a much more dire state than that of the U. S. Third, to reveal my visions and messages and educate you, so that you would have the information and the chance, the choice, to intervene, and help rescue your fellow brothers and sisters from their painful circumstances.


The visions I experienced broke my heart. Kuan Yin showed me see frail, skinny-looking people laying around on dirt floors reduced to skin and bones, starving to death. She sent me many vision-movies of children in this debilitated condition too, starving, and looking like they were losing their will to live.


Kuan Yin didn’t just ask me to begin this work. She ‘Begged’ me. She ‘Pleaded to me’ to help Her rescue the sick, starving, homeless and suffering. Please consider the works of our charity, 

- Angels Among Us Foundation

Our Plea to you to help those living in severe pain and suffering each and every day.


Please take to heart the messages that this beautiful Asian Goddess, the Goddess of Mercy & Compassion, is asking of you, and that I am asking as well, and please help bring relief to the impoverished, sick, homeless and starving.

Poor Drinking Water Conditions in Haiti

is Making Them Drink from their Rivers & Getting them Sick                                     


God and Kuan Yin gave me this vision, when They announced that They wanted me to bring attention to how people are getting sick from as drinking contaminated river water in Haiti, among other places.


I was awakened to seeing myself walking through a poor village in Haiti.  A Haitian man, who was in great despair, approached me and told me: “my family has been very sick and are continuing to get sicker.” He said that he was scared because the doctors do not know what is making them sick.  He asked for my help, buy before I could say anything, he desperately grabbed my hand and pulled me to his house.


When I walked in his hut, I saw four people, a mother, father, son and daughter. They were all doubled over on sitting a small couch, holding their stomachs, and looking miserable. They all looked distraught, horribly sick and scared. I was alarmed at the poor state of their health and felt intense fear for them. Just then, I saw a vision of a ‘Sick, Dark, Dangerous River, located right behind this house.’ I then saw them drinking water from the river, and I felt the feeling of dread come over me.

I said, "I know why they are sick," and ran out of the hut to the River. As I ran up to the ‘Dark Brown River,’ Kuan Yin filled me with dread and anxiety. She stopped me at the water's edge right before my feet would touch the water. She pulled me back hard, so I wouldn't get Any of the River Water on me. I then dropped to my knees, looking into the water. I saw that it was filled with parasites. I said "On no! They are getting sick from drinking water that is contaminated with parasites!"

I ran back up to the house to tell them that I know what is making them sick. "You are getting sick from parasites that are in the river water that you are ingesting. You have to stop drinking water from the river. Now!" Kuan Yin then shifted my gaze from the family to the other families in the village, who were also lying around sick, miserable, and suffering. My heart sank, and I felt pure dread for them as I worried about the fate of the people in this village afflicted by painful, disabling diseases from drinking river water contaminated with parasites.

Under-privileged communities in third world countries like Haiti do not have access to clean drinking water. Many people have no other choice than to drink water from rivers and streams. However, the problem with this is that most ALL rivers and streams contain microscopic parasites that are not visible to the physical eye. They just don't see them! 

When people ingest the dirty, infected water, they get horrifically ill with the painful and crippling diseases that parasites cause. Most people in third world countries do not know how harmful drinking from their rivers is. Many people here in the United States also do not know. Now, you are aware. Please intervene. Please help those in underprivileged countries suffering from this hardship and their limited supply to clean drinking water. There is ALWAYS a time and a place to give cleaning drinking water to third world countries and help this worthy cause.

A Sorrowful Plea that Ascended Master Kuan Yin gave to me to give to you…

"Please help Haiti and other communities have access to drinking clean water; So they don't suffer with painful, debilitating and miserable diseases. Please help heal them. You have so much here in the US. Please show your Gratitude to God - of you, yourself, having access to clean drinking water – by Gifting those in underprivileged communities with the same basic necessity. Please help bring clean drinking water to those who are getting Sick. As always, your Generosity will open a karmic door to allow Us to gift you back. Please Be Compassionate." 

~ Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy & Compassion


They Are Starving In India                                    

I was sitting on my couch watching TV on a Friday evening, and all of a sudden, I started to vibrate and feel the strong and blissful waves of energy that come over and within me when the Guides or Angels visit me. Within a few minutes, a beautiful Goddess was standing at the end of the couch by my feet. She was looking straight at my face. She was stunning! I was shocked because it was noticeably not Kuan Yin, so I was also startled and confused.

Amazed, all I could do was stare and breath. The Goddess had dark hair pulled back in a bun with her hair parted down the middle. She had a red jewel on her forehead, a red Bindi, and wore beautiful, traditional Indian clothing that showed her slim midriff. She then announced herself as Goddess Lakshmi. I was overwhelmed and confused. Then, my Guide, Kuan Yin, appeared and floated up to her side. This gave me comfort, and I wasn't scared anymore. I sat there amazed as I watched two Goddesses standing in front of me, which I saw as full life-size apparitions, in 3D forms and colors. I was speechless and captivated.


The Indian Goddess spoke to me, while Kuan Yin stood by Her side. She said;                                                              

"The people, My people, in India are starving. The people here in the United States have much Less starvation happening than those going hungry in India. Please educate the people here in the US and help them understand how much they have and that those in India do not. Because the people in the US do not live there (in India), they do not see it up close and on a regular basis… so they are sheltered from seeing how truly horrific the level of starvation is in India. Please help the starving in India; and educate the people in the US to share what they have with those who are going hungry in India."

She didn't say this casually. She ‘pleaded’ with me for help. I felt Goddess Lakshmi's pain and anxiety over Her people going hungry. She gave me visions while She spoke to me. I saw malnourished people lying around, unable to move, dying. I saw their bloated stomachs and that they had no food. I saw people bed-ridden and children unable to move. My heart broke. I felt grief-stricken from their pain and suffering.

After Goddess Lakshmi was finished with her message and departed from me, Kuan Yin made it clear that I had been called upon by this loving Goddess for help. She wanted me to bring awareness to the US about the tragedy of starvation happening in India and remind people to share what they have, even if it's only a little. We in the US must give to the impoverished because, most of us here, have so much more than what they have been privileged with. Please hear Goddess Lakshmi’s message, and Goddess Kuan Yin’s, and share what you have been privileged with so those who have been given so much less – can eat. Please help the starving in India. 


A Plea from Us who have great sorrow in our hearts…                                                                                                      Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Buddha, God, and I, their faithful servant and Oracle, are asking you to Do something. Now that you know the truth of where there is true suffering in the world, please do something to help them. Please Give.

These are just a few of the ways that Heaven has shown how people are suffering, at a higher and more painful level, than what you may have understood. Unfortunately, the Ascended Masters and God have exposed many other forms of misery and abuse. I will be continuing to share those tragedies. Please check back periodically as I will be updating this page every few months to shed light on those suffering and ways for you to help.

Please consider donating to our charity, Angels Among Us Foundation, and help make a difference for someone in need. 

The causes in this section are updated around every six months. Please check back to see who else you can help rescue from pain and suffering in the world.

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Master Channeler Maureen
Oracle for the Higher Realms