A Plea from Heaven

to Help Animals Suffering

I have been asked to bring awareness to the pain and suffering that our animals are enduring, because of greed, vanity, the desire for materialism and financial opportunities that people seek. I have been receiving many, many visions from Heaven showing me the truth behind what is really happening to our animals and how truly abusive these practices are. Heaven is in Great despair over how animals are being tortured and killed. They want you to know painful truth…. So that you can choose to forgo these activities, in an effort to stop animal cruelty… and even better: Do Something to protect the precious lives of our animals.  

I am giving you the visions that God, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mary and Buddha have given me – Asking me to deliver to you … to open your eyes to the reality that animals Are being tortured, abused and killed in common earthly practices – that you are most likely not aware of. God has asked me to “warn” His children (people) of the injustices happening to His and Your animals and to Stop the harm. God and Jesus have also asked me to enlighten people about their karma. The reality is that participating in, attending, supporting a practice, activity or event that condones and abuses animals, Will result in the creation a negative karmic fate for that person. Supporting a practice that is cruel to animals - Will result in creating a negative karmic consequence for you, not just the person abusing he animal.

So know you now, there Is a negative karmic consequence that you will create for yourself if you do not pull away from and ban these atrocious acts being committed against God’s special family of animals. Father created them for us to care for and delight in their happiness and well-being – and to give and receive Love from them… Not to harm them. Ever.

Heaven is a witness and has exposed these truths to me with tears of pain and sadness and a heart full of so much grief that I am surrendered immobile for a long, long time after the visions are over… Because They have caused me so much despair.

The Ascended Masters and God ARE making a Heartfelt Plea to You… asking you to please not support these practices and to protect our animals from suffering instead.

Here is what is really happening to our animals...

Image by Smit Patel

Exotic Cats & Animals Are Abused for Profit & Entertainment
Exposing How Animals are Really Treated in Many Zoos, Circuses & Animal Parks
The Netfilx documentary, 'Tiger King,' has brought to light how truly abusive using exotic animals for entertainment often is. The first night I watched it, I was woken up with a very painful vision and message exposing abuse is happening to the cats more often than not, in many of the big cat entertainment parks, circuses and zoos. Heaven showed me that the cats are living in extremely “miserable” conditions and suffering on-going abuses. God has asked me to reveal the truth, so you can do something to help save the exotic cats and animals from the abuses they endure - by making them into acts of entertainment for someone to profit off of… and for someone else to be entertained by.

Lion Vision, April 26th, 2020: The Truth About How Miserable

They are Stuck as Prisoners in Small Cages  
I awoke to a vision of a beautiful lion trapped in a very small cage. God spoke to me and said, “the lion is getting sick from being trapped in a small cage because it cannot move and does not belong there.” I noticed that the lion looked very sad and depressed, and suddenly, I shared its pain. I then felt filled with God’s ‘sadness and anger’ about how the lions were being treated, welling up inside me. He said, “they were meant to run wild, not to be trapped in cages and held against their will in zoos, circuses and other places that use animal entertainment.”

Tiger Vision, May 2nd, 2020: They are Abused When Forced to ‘Perform Tricks’
I awoke to a vision of a beautiful tiger standing on top of a very small, round, wooden table. The tiger was trapped on the pedestal by a tiger circus tamer with a whip.  He was trying to make the tiger do things that the tiger didn’t want to do, like pose and dance. The tiger trainer wanted the tiger to perform, but the tiger wasn’t able to because it didn’t understand what the trainer wanted it to do.

I watched as the tiger tried to understand him, but was completely confused because it didn’t understand the trainer’s language. The tiger was also very frustrated because it didn’t have room to move. I saw the confusion and frustration in the tiger’s eyes, and I felt it. Eventually, the tiger became angry, because it became so confused and frustrated that it jumped off the small pedestal.

The tiger tamer got angry and wanted to use his whip to discipline it. I watched as, aware of what was to come, the tiger became fearful and prepared to defend itself from danger. The tiger attacked the tamer before the tamer could attack it first. I saw, and felt, the tiger feel threatened and feel the need to defend herself. The tiger attacked the tamer, so he couldn’t attack her. The tiger jumped on the trainer and pinned him to the ground, clawing and biting his head.

Just then, a baby tiger came running up to the scene. It was the mother tiger’s baby cub. Immediately, the mother tiger put herself in between the tiger tamer and her baby, attacking the tamer again as a means of protecting her baby tiger. Then the mother tiger bit her baby’s ear, hurting it in the hopes that it would run off before the tamer tried to subjugate it, too. I saw the sadness in the mother tiger’s eyes when she did this because she did not want to hurt her baby. She was trying to rescue it. God said, “she was afraid that the tamer would hurt her baby like he hurt her, and she wasn’t going to let that happen.”

During the vision, I heard God say, “when the tamers do this…” and I saw the tamer trying to make the tiger perform – “this is what will happen” –  and I witnessed the attack scene just described. God said, “the tamers will go down and will suffer severe consequences for hurting my tigers.”

When I was submerged in this vision, watching and feeling the real pain that the tigers experience under such inhumane conditions, God also made me feel the tiger’s maternal instinct to protect her baby. I recognized that the feeling He gave me was exactly how I would feel if someone hurt one of my daughters. There was absolutely no difference between my maternal instincts and the tiger’s, or how I would feel if someone was forcing me to perform and do something that I was confused about and did not want to do.

Using exotic animals for entertainment is considered a crime in God’s eyes. Forcing them to “perform” dances, acrobats, tricks, etc. is cruel. It causes them distress because they are being forced to do things that are unnatural and uncomfortable for them. When the tamers and trainers “discipline” them, they are, in essence, “punishing” these animals for their very nature.

Forcing animals to perform for the entertainment of humans—and for a fee, no less– displeases God, because the survival of the industry subjects animals to a cruelty and barbarity that is generally kept secret from the public.

Now you know that abuse is taking place in many venues that use exotic animals, and all animals more broadly. Please protect our animals and do not support places that use animals for entertainment. Don’t let our animals suffer. Please choose not to attend, and also ban, such uses of animals.


Image by Joshua J. Cotten

Alligator & Crocodile Killing
… they are being killed to become boots, belts, purses & just because!

I was given two visions that exposed the inhuman torture of alligators and crocodiles; As Well As – God’s displeasure that His animals are being harmed for ‘recreation’ and ‘materialism’..… to wear as shoes, belts, purses, etc. When God gave me these visions; He Also gave me – How He will be punishing those that harm His creatures.  Here is both the truth behind this cruel act of alligator/crocodile hunting and killing - and God’s warning.

Vision #1
I was woken up to a vision, where I was suddenly standing in front of an alligator that was hanging upside down. I ‘felt sick,’ when I saw this. I saw that it had ‘lots’ of stab wounds from a knife all over it and was bleeding from the wounds. I felt ‘angry and devastated,’ as I watched the helpless alligator that was held hostage - hanging and suffering. I was then forced to have to look at the blood coming out of the wounds. My eyes were moved up and I saw that the alligators eyes were wide open – and looking at me – for help. My heart sank deeper – and I felt A Lot More angry – that they were letting it suffer – while they were taking its skin off. I heard God say: “They let them suffer.”

The “Feelings” that I relayed to you during this vision – were those of God’s. He put me through want He wanted communicated – on how He feels about the cruel and inhumane treatment that is being done to alligators and crocodiles for their skins; that is being hidden. He let me know that many, many, many places that kill them for their skins – Do Not do it in a humane way, sparing them pain. Rather, it is the opposite. He wants you to know the truth – that most businesses/people are executing them in brutal, sadistic ways – that cause them pain and torture throughout the entire process, which, just like us, the alligators and crocodiles DO feel sad… and all for sake of making them into a piece of vanity. Which, by the way…. you would never take with you anyways.. because vanity is rejected at Heaven’s Doorway.

Vision #2: Alligators Being Tortured for Entertainment
About a month later, I received another vision seeing alligators & crocodiles being hurt. This time, I was standing on top of a river and watching people hunting alligators for fun. They couldn’t see me, but I could see them and everything they were doing – and, also, the punishments the God was going to be giving them.

I watched a 'Water Jeep' that had three rows of three seats. They were filled with – what looked like tourists. There were nine men and a driver. They had weapons in their hands. I watched as they were looking down at the water – looking for something. Suddenly I saw the jeep ram into an alligator and smash it up against the riverbed, trapping it with their jeep. I saw as the alligator panicked and looked scared, because it could not escape. God made me feel the alligator’s fear and anxiety, which felt exactly like ours. I then heard God say; “They are ‘Trapping’ it and “Holding it Hostage’.” Creator then said: “And when they do this to the alligators; I will do this to them.” I then saw the jeep sink to the bottom of the river and all the men started drowning. I then heard God say: “I will ‘Sink’ their jeep and take down everything they have.” I then saw everything that they had on the dashboard come falling down, which was their ‘wallets,’ and ‘keys’ and ‘sunglasses.’ I heard God say: “I Will take their possessions.”

As I watched this, I also felt God’s ‘anger.’ I also felt ‘scared’ for the hunters, because of the high level of punishments and pain that I knew that they are going to face. God said to me - that I am to relay All of this message for Him; and that He depends on me to do so… in an effort to warn people – so that they can either choose to stop this behavior – or know that they will face severe consequences from Him.

God then ended the vision with: “Panama.”  

Unfortunately, there is an active business of hunting for alligators in Panama City, Fla., which people do ‘just for fun and sport.’

God has asked me to deliver the message that severe punishments will be given to anyone who kills and hurts His animals. He wants people to understand that those punishments will come in the form of loosing income, housing, cars and precious possessions that someone has worked hard to accumulate and wants and needs to live comfortably here. Is it worth it now to kill an alligator or a crocodile? I hope those who support this crime come to your senses and learn to value that ALL life is sacred – and answer…No – it is not worth it. If this didn’t open your eyes, then consider yourself warned.

Delivering warnings are not easy for me. It takes courage, and I am often rewarded. After I delivered this one, I received a large blue ribbon. I saw it sitting in my right hand, just after I published this. I made the “Right" decision to obey God and deliver His message for Him. I hope that those that hunt and kill animals – make the “Right” decision – and also Now Listen and Obey God’s warning and stop: for the animals’ sake, as well as their own.


Blessed Mother Mary

Primary Spirit Guide for Maureen

The Buddha

Enlightened One 

Regular Spirit Guide for Maureen


Dog Fighting
They’re Brainwashed & Held Captive!

Vision I Received
I was woken up to being in a really, really bad movie. I watched myself walking down some gnarly stairs in a bad house to the basement. Kuan Yin was holding my hand. She was guiding me down there. When I got to the basement, I saw a very disturbing image of a dog looking horrible. He was sitting alone in the middle of an empty room. He looked like he was starving, thirsty, angry and very sad. He had a large, heavy chain wrapped around his neck and was chained to a pillar.  There was nothing by him. No food. No water. No bed. No soft place to lay. No caring owner. He was just tied up alone on a hard-concrete floor in the basement, which had no windows …”so no one would hear him bark, Kuan Yin said to me.” I felt devastated. I started to cry and get sick to my stomach.

When he saw me, his eyes filled with tears. He was shaking and afraid for his life. He was in deep, deep despair. I felt sick and angry, because of how he was being treated; chained up – like a prisoner. Kuan Yin took my hand again and walked me over to the scared, neglected dog. She said: “No one can hear animals talk here (on earth); but you can. Maureen. You (and others like you) Can hear them talk.”  Just then I heard him speak to me - Telepathically - just like I have with all of the other animals that I connected with either in Heaven, when they have come through in readings; or the living ones here roaming the earth. He said: “Please Help me. I Do Not want to be doing this.  Please rescue me.  I do not want to fight. It is done against my will. I Am being hurt, very hurt. Please help me…”. I had already began crying a while ago. Now I heard myself making whimpering noises and my heart was racing with despair and high anxiety – over his fate… over his misery, and for all of the other dogs like him, who are being brutalized by this cruel and violent activity – known as Dog Fighting.

When he began to speak to me, Kuan Yin lifted him up and put him in my arms. I Saw and Felt his pain and terror of being abused in his ‘training process’ of being forced to fight. It was brutal. Kuan Yin then unlocked his chain. She said: “take him out here now; rescue the dogs being abused – because of Dog Fighting.”

When the movie-vision was finally over, my face was wet with tears and I couldn’t fall back asleep for a long time.

What Kuan Yin put me through in her message is that: No. Dogs Do Not ‘Want’ to Dog Fight. They have a very limited intelligence and will do whatever it takes to stay alive and get fed. She and the dog showed me that dogs are Brainwashed very easily, and they fight only because of how they have been groomed and conditioned – through a horrific systematic process of abuse – by depriving them of food, water, attention, companionship, sunlight, warmth, a soft place to lay down on, health care needs from wounds, and LOVE.  They beat the dogs down so bad – that it makes them angry, if not insane. They train them to behave in a violent, vicious way.  The dogs you see fighting are only doing what they have been conditioned to do based on their abusive environment, where they were taught violence as a means to stay alive. I had no idea about the truth of dog fighting before this experience. Kuan Yin made it Very clear to me; that dogs do not want to engage in Dog Fighting. They do it because they have been ‘Brainwashed’ to fight – and they are being held as PRISONERS forced to do it.

Kuan Yin showed me that dogs only want to feel good  and be taken care of - Not fight viciously. It is a lie to think that dogs ‘wan’” to do Dog Fighting. Heaven is crying large tears of pain for the atrocity being committed against God’s beautiful dogs.

A Plea from Us with Great Sorrow in Our Hearts…
Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Buddha and God… and me, their faithful servant and oracle… are asking you to Do Something.

Now you know the truth that animals are being tortured and killed and that abuses are being hidden from you. Please stop animal cruelty. Please forgo these activities/habits/places. Please BAN them. Please sign petitions. Please email your congressman/woman and insist they change laws to Protect Animals - More. Please donate to worthy fundraisers and causes. Please do Something to create change – And Protect Our Precious Animals from Harm.

By the way, these are just a few of the abuses that They have exposed to me, asking me to reveal to the world. Unfortunately, there are many more. I will be continuing to share more animal abuses that are happening and that desperately need our help and protection. Please check back periodically, every few months, to learn about what other animals are being hurt, that you may not know about, and that need your help.

You can also donate to Our Charity. 








Master Channeler Maureen
Oracle for the Higher Realms