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Prices Lowered; A Gift from God

I have lowered my prices for awhile during the hardships of the Coronavirus crisis and economic decline. I received a message from God on June 9, 2020 asking me to lower my prices because He said He “understands peoples struggles right now and wants them to still be able to receive gifts.” So you can Thank God for His grace :) By the way, I don’t decide my prices. I never have.  I am given and shown exactly what to charge by my Guides and God, since the very beginning. 


Master Channeler Maureen

Scheduling a Session:

Sessions with Maureen are only scheduled through email. Please email your request to: and include what kind of service you would like. We will then send you Maureen’s availability. All sessions take place on Pacific Standard Time (PST), please adjust your appointment time to coordinate with PST.  


Connecting with Loved Ones

Private Mediumship Sessions

30 minutes: $150 (Regularly $200)

60 minutes: $350 (Regularly $400)

Maureen’s God-given abilities can help you connect with loved ones that have passed on, giving you and them the chance to communicate in a very special, direct way. With her unique abilities, Maureen is able to bridge the gap between this dimension and Heaven’s; and bring your proof of their existence by channeling their personal messages, validating that they are still with you.

Private Sessions Are Available the Following Ways

  • In-person in Irvine, CA

  • Phone

  • Facetime or Skype. Having a session by Facetime or Skype is just like having a live, interactive, in-person reading with Maureen.

Hands-on Healing

Laying on of Hands

$65 for 60 minutes 
(Regularly $85)

Maureen has also been blessed with the gift of Healing. Maureen will perform a traditional style of Hands-on Healing, also known as “Laying on of Hands;” where she uses her hands, prayers, and intentions to help you heal from the issue/s you are suffering with. She will work on all of your bodies: physical, emotional, mental, and etheric (chakra and aura); clearing away and transmuting the negative energies that illnesses, injuries, depression, a broken heart, etc., create. After clearing away the negative energies that were affecting you, she then fills you with White Light, healing the pain and energizing you.

Hands-on Healing is also a wonderful and effective way to clear your chakras and re-boot them, which will enhance your psychic channels. This is a must for anyone wanting to use or work with their psychic abilities. Working in a complete merge with her Principle Spirit Guide, Ascended Master Kuan Yin, Maureen will send healing energy, God’s Holy White Light, that Kuan Yin will deliver directly through Maureen – to you. Kuan Yin will guide Maureen in your session, letting her know where to focus on sending you healing, as well as channeling the prays to Maureen that she will say and hold for you - to help heal your pain. Most people report feeling very peaceful and even blissful after a session. It’s as if whatever was bothering or hurting you before the session – no longer exists. Hands-on Healing truly is a miraculous experience… on many levels.

Exorcism Ritual

Casting Out Evil Spirits

$300; approximately 2 hours

(Regularly $350)

When you have, unfortunately, become corded with a dark entity, it is imperative that you seek help to have it removed immediately. When a negative entity cords itself into you, possessing you, the level of control that it has over you has become extreme. Being taken over and possessed by a malice entity can be dangerous to you and your friends and family around you. The longer a possession goes on, the deeper the entity merges into your soul and mind and body. This allows them to be able to cause more damage, by abusing you and by using you to commit their harmful acts on others. There are dark forces in our Universe, and they do seek to cause pain; by ruining relationships, making you sick, sabotaging your job, and torturing you physically, mentally and emotionally, etc. In an Exorcism Ritual, Maureen works alongside Jesus, Archangel Michael, and Kuan Yin. Using Maureen as their helper, they will recite the prayers and ritual, through Maureen, that is necessary - in order to cast out the evil spirit; and help you regain your life so you can live in peace again.

Prayer for Mercy Request

Maureen's Gift of Intercession

Do you have a prayer request that you would like help with, especially where there is suffering or the need for forgiveness for a sin/mistake? As a primary full-time oracle for Jesus, Maureen’s close position to Him has earned her the “gift of intercession.” This means that both God and Jesus have anointed her with the ability to pray on behalf of others and bring their prayers closer to Jesus and His attention – in the hopes of earning His mercy. Jesus has asked His oracle, Maureen, to offer herself up to pray on behalf of those who desire His mercy. 

When she prays for you, she acts as in intercessor, taking your prayers closer to His attention and pleads to Him on your behalf. Because she lives in state of being closely connected to Him (He is her Principle Spirit Guide), she can easily turn to Him and appeal to His grace; so that you may receive His mercy and be released from suffering. 

To receive Maureen’s help to appeal to Jesus for you, He has asked that you make a “sacrifice to help make the world better.” He requires a donation to charity. Jesus directs Maureen to the areas of suffering that He wants aid given to.

Prayer for Mercy Donation: a Minimum of $10


Current Cause: All Proceeds given to help Starving Children in third world countries.

Partner Charity:

Email Your Prayer Request to Oracle Maureen at:

*Include ‘Prayer Request’ in Subject Line; Please keep your request to one short paragraph.

Psychic Reading

A Personal Reading

Private Psychic Reading Sessions
30 minutes: $150 
(Regularly $200)

60 minutes: $350 (Regularly $400)


With her gift of prophecy, Maureen is also able to see your future. She is able to connect with your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels and deliver their helpful advice through Maureen - regarding your life’s path. Working under their direction, Maureen will channel their messages giving you priceless insight and direction on your present and future situations, such as your career, health, and love life, etc.

Private Sessions Are Available the Following Ways

  • In-person in Laguna Beach, CA

  • Phone

  • Facetime or Skype. Having a session by Facetime or Skype is just like having a live, interactive, in-person reading with Maureen.

Cord Cutting Ceremony

Releasing an Unwanted Attachment

$100; approximately 60 minutes

(Regularly $150)

It can be very difficult to move on from a loved one. The soulmate connection is a very, very strong bond; one that can take months or even years to disconnect from. Getting the assistance of a spiritual helper in releasing a soulmate, such as a spouse (divorce) or a breakup or a best friend relationship will speed up the process of moving on from them; so that you can feel happy and free again. In a Cord Cutting Ceremony, Maureen will assist her Guide, Ascended Master Kuan Yin, as well as one or more of your Guide/s or Angels in cutting the etheric energetic cords that connect you to whom you want to be released from. Cutting the Cords from a soulmate or kindred spirit will greatly dim the psychic channels that run between the two of you; minimizing how much you think or feel for them. It’s like they instantly become very distant in your consciousness and desires. A Cord Cutting Ceremony is an amazing way to speed up the breakup process; putting you on the path to freedom much quicker - so you can heal and begin to make space for the next soulmate.

A Cord Cutting Ceremony can also help release you from a bad spirit that has attached itself to you and is negatively influencing or bothering you. This is the stage before possession; If the situation is more advanced than the more advanced session will be needed. If you want to feel free and peaceful again, a Cord Cutting Ceremony can help get you there. Maureen will also teach some techniques that you can continue to do afterward.

Psychic Investigations

Healing and Insight

Email for pricing and availability. 

In an effort to provide closure and healing to tragic circumstances, Maureen can assist with missing persons and unsolved or cold case mysteries. Using her psychic abilities, Maureen can investigate a crime and get valuable information that can help move the case along or even solve it. In addition to bringing more insight into the case, working with a spiritual messenger can also be very healing for both the victim and their loved ones searching for the truth. Maureen’s abilities to see and hear the Otherside can bring some answers and closure to both the people looking for their loved one missing and the missing victim; giving them each some comfort and closure in a very painful crisis.

Group Readings

Shared Messages from Loved Ones

Email for pricing and availability.

Group Readings are a wonderful way to share hearing messages from loved ones in Heaven, surrounded by the comfort of your family and friends. As a group, you will get to experience seeing Maureen deliver messages from your loved ones in the Afterlife; validating that their souls are still around you today.

A Group Reading is a great opportunity to possibly be read and receive direct messages from your loved ones in an environment of shared companionship with your family and friends here. They are also a wonderful way to learn more about how communicating with the Spirit world works; so you will be more prepared for when you receive messages from your departed loved ones when they visit you.

Private Group Reading Events
Group Readings are a wonderful and special event that can bring amazing inspiration into any group gathering or function. They are great for home parties with family and friends, and birthday parties, and family reunions, anniversaries, etc.; or business events, such as Holiday parties, and also, charity events.

Public Group Reading Events
Maureen holds Group Readings that are open to the public. Anyone can attend and experience hearing Maureen channel messages from Heaven, together as a group. For details on dates, location, pricing or to make a reservation, please see the “Upcoming Events” section on her website or her Facebook. 

Paranormal Investigation

A Ghost Clearing

$250; approximately 2 hours

(Regularly $300) 

The spiritual world is around us all of the time; both the positives spirits and the negative ones. When negative spirits, such as ghosts, invade our homes or businesses, it can be a terrifying ordeal. They can and will cause fear by intentionally harassing and scaring the home’s occupants, typically in an attempt to drive them out so they can take control of the home or business. When hauntings persist, using a spiritual helper who has the gift of clairvoyance (seeing the spirit world) and clairaudience (hearing the spirits) is one of the best ways to get relief. Maureen’s abilities allow her to really investigate what is happening and - most importantly - to clear them out and help you reclaim your home/business so you can live in peace again.

Online and Group Classes

Psychic & Spiritual Development

Maureen teaches psychic and spiritual development classes that will help you open up your innate psychic abilities. Working under the direction of her Principle Spirit Guide Ascended Master Kuan Yin, Maureen will pass on the teachings of this very powerful and very wise Goddess. In her classes, Maureen will channel the teachings of Kuan Yin and teach you the fundamental basics of psychic and spiritual development. Maureen’s classes cover many important topics, such as how to properly open up and do psychic readings to meditating and chakra clearing; as well as connecting to your Spirit Guides and Angels, and information on the paranormal. Maureen’s beginning psychic development class gives you a great foundation to the opening-up process, helping you get started on doing readings and on your spiritual development. Her advanced psychic development classes continue the education for those who want to work on advancing their psychic abilities and level of wisdom, further.

Student Discount Available
Maureen offers a student discount of 50% off all her classes. A copy of your student ID is required for the discount. She is hoping to open and expand knowledge and support for the youth in areas that conventional education fails to support. 

Scheduling a Session:

Sessions with Maureen are only scheduled through email. Please email your request to: and include what kind of service you would like. We will then send you Maureen’s availability. All sessions take place on Pacific Standard Time (PST), please adjust your appointment time to coordinate with PST.  

Session Information:

Sessions are available by either: In person in Irvine, Ca., or by Phone, Skype or Facetime. All sessions take place in Pacific Standard Time Zone (PST). Please make sure to coordinate your PST zone.


Cancelation Policy:

If you should need to cancel your appointment, we will refund your payment in full if cancellation is done 48 hours before your scheduled session. If you should cancel within less than 48 hours, we will refund 50% of your fee. Sorry we do not issue any refunds or credit for missed sessions. Any questions, please contact  



Please known that your Session is helping someone suffering in the world. Maureen is currently donating All of her proceeds from her Sessions to Angels Among Us Foundation. AAUF is a charity that Maureen founded, after being asked to by Ascended Master Kuan Yin in 2013, to help the suffering in the world, where poverty, starvation, homeless-ness, disease, animal abuses and other atrocities cripple the lives of so many who live in pain every day. For more information on AAUF, please visit